I (Graham) would like to thank everyone who sent cards and messages of sympathy, and all of you who attended the service in thanksgiving for and memory of Mandy.

I would especially like to thank:

  • Becky Fisher, who I initially asked as an old friend of Mandy’s to say a few words on behalf of our village, but ended up being “persuaded” to lead the entire service.

  • Reverend Helen Kendrick, minister for Appleford and Sutton Courtenay, who in one extraordinary meeting provided comfort and helped to channel our response to Mandy’s death. She also identified and all but solved a number of problems I would face when dealing with the practicalities, before I even knew I had them.

  • Louise and the events team at Wolfson College, who have been extraordnarily helpful in facilitating our use of this beautiful space and surrounding grounds for this congregation in memory of Mandy.

  • Jennifer Hill, the harpist who agreed to play during the service at rather short notice. She was Mandy’s choice to provide music at Rhiannon’s wedding, enhancing the overall atmosphere in a subtle but transformative way.

  • Rhiannon’s husband Steve, who has provided comfort and clear-headed support to all of Mandy’s close family.